great grands

Mystery fades. Sentiment grows. Love deepens, while the vastness we once felt becomes smaller.

Endless treasures that filled a whole room, are tucked inside a jewelry box that stands in the corner. A boost needed to perch on an impossibly high stool, is now given by me. The handmade doll house that once held a real living family, has become broken and tattered, while the ones within have not aged. And though the jungle of ivy has vined for two decades, it now seems only a fraction of what it once was.

But love…love is more evident and bigger than ever, and now the mystery belongs to my three.

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Nuptial | David + Chelsea | Olympia WA Wedding Photographer

Grey drizzly skies, only enhance the vibrancy of a day like this.

Rich in color. Richer in love.

This was the day they said “I do”.

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garden gifts

a storm of apples.

plump green peas.

vivid orange carrots.

bruised up knees.

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Nuptial | Russ + Haylee | Nevada City CA Wedding Photographer

Shades of purple in the sun-drenched woods. A sacred space was created for an intimate, northern CA wedding. They celebrated true and great love. Three souls forever connected through “I do”.

Venue: Harmony Ridge Lodges | Nevada City, CA

Flowers: Bee Leaves N’ Love | Amy Stoeckle

Catering | Farm To Table

Vintage Rentals | Tin Roof Farmhouse



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Abigail at Two | Olympia Family Photograper

Her birth. Ten days new. One year. And now she’s two.

All of these milestones were photographed and are revisited often.

The light within her shines bright.


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Barely Different | And The Intended Meaning

In the fast pace of our world today, messages are skewed. The ideas and work of an individual cannot be accurately translated through a short article…especially when the intention of a publication is not in line with the individual. Misquotes, added ideas, wrongful representation of lives…all of this can come about when you share your story with the world. It happens on large and small scales everyday, but on both it’s the same. Your life looks much different.

This week I experienced all of the feelings that come from a body of work going viral. Images that are close to me. That represent only a fraction of a second in our lives. That do not accurately depict who we are as individuals, because in reality, that fraction of second is strung together with others. They make up minutes, and days, and years. The images are the tiniest glimpse. Our life can not be translated through them. Some are candid, while others a collaboration between my children and me. All are made with the purpose of either preserving details, making a piece of art, or capturing real connections.

Not a single image was made to show the world anything. They were not created out of a desire to show similarities, despite differences. All of my children are different in appearance. We’re all very different indeed.

But through revisiting past images, I saw a similarity in my children that bloomed from deep roots. A growth in unity that’s bound their souls and created connection, and a great understanding of one another. Our intentions are to show the world love through actions, not images. The images are art. To me, many do in fact show strong love and unity through the slivers that they are, but it’s because I know the context of their making. That sense of unity is not stronger or more important because of the color of their skin. No…what’s amazing about it, is the fact that they were born on separate sides of the world. They have different birth mothers. They’re amazingly unique individuals with personalities opposite to one another. But despite these differences, I see so much similarity in these fractions-of-a-second. And that similarity is rooted in their souls. A deep connection grown from love. It’s no surprise they’ve become so close. And the way they candidly mimic one another is beautiful to our family.

Yes, to our family. The reason I pick up my camera everyday. They’re for us. The world has shown interest in their connection. But it’s also art. A series based on the similarities I see in 1/100th of a second. When the whole body of work is in one place it is much more visible. And if not to everyone…it is to us. To the ones it was created for.

Thank you to those who have shared similar stories of connection and love. Although these images are not created based on adoption, it is indeed very close to our hearts. We love hearing how others have grown their families in a similar way.

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