Nuptials to New Life | Olympia WA Birth Photographer

Like blossoms from new growth, we mimic the beauty of spring. Inevitable as the changing seasons, we bloom into who we were made to be.

My Images are made purely from heart, each one complete because I feel. I’m confident in my direction that’s changing with life. From nuptials, to new life.

The power of women is inspiring, and images of that beauty are what I long to create. Stories of first breaths. Life emerging earth side. The rare moments that are dreamed of over and over again. Families as they grow and as they are. As a Doula, I’m constantly in awe of a mother’s strength and it should be forever preserved.

Slowly the transition begins, from one type of story to another. Allowing my work to be a constant extension of my heart is honest, fulfilling, and is the only way for lifelong and meaningful growth.

I’m very much looking forward to the beautiful unions of husband and wife that I have the privilege of documenting this year, while I anticipate and prepare for what’s to come.

Thank you for your continued support as I trust and follow this path. If your family is joyously expecting a baby, or you would like to forever remember the details of your everyday, please connect with me. I would love to sit down with you, learn your story, and help preserve memories through everlasting photographs.


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Northern CA Lifestyle Sessions

What your session includes:

*Up to two hours of session time in your home, documenting life as it happens.

*A digital collection of approximately 45 fully edited images for printing and sharing, delivered in an online gallery | larger wall art and albums are also available.

*20% off larger prints and albums which can be ordered post session.

*Exact times will be arranged based on your needs once the session is booked.

*You must live within a 15 mile radius of Grass Valley/Nevada City or please inquire about additional travel fees

Investment: $550 {once the session is booked, I cannot offer refunds unless we’re able to fill your session time}

Sunday, June 28th {your choice of morning or evening session}




Monday June 29th {morning or evening session}


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years tick by, like seconds on a clock.

my first born. he is nine.


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New Life | Olympia WA Lifestyle Photographer

The sweetest of all connections…

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Our 365

There’s a sense of freedom in knowing I have the tools to create art that satisfies my soul. That can tell the story of a year. Of moving boxes and mossy trails and sippy cups that are now outgrown. It’s a gift to my husband, my children, to future generations, and to me. And although I may not feel the satisfaction daily, the growth alone is enough. It’s almost too much at times, a quiet voice urging me to push on. To create more. To learn new techniques, look closer, and discover the tiniest details of the world that surrounds me. The desire to create is so strong that it’s pushing me into another year of photographs. 365 days documented again. And though not every image is a perfect story-teller, each one is a teacher.

Have you begun a 365 of your own? I’m certainly no expert, with just one short year under my belt. But nevertheless, here are some thoughts and things I’ve learned from a year of intentional shooting…

Accountability: Having a place for your images is a good way to hold yourself accountable. Whether it’s public or private, a landing-place is a nice way for you to access them easily and tell the story of your year. I decided on a 365 blog as a way to keep them organized. It gave me a place to easily see my growth throughout the year, and I knew if I missed a day there would be a gap in the story. It was motivating for me and gave a space to record thoughts with the photographs. It also gave me the ability to link the project to this blog and my web site, without over sharing personal work with clients.

2015 will look different. My blog provided me with accountability to myself. But now that it’s become a rhythm, I don’t feel the need to post daily in order to shoot daily. My focus this year will be on connections. Human to human. Connections with art. To the earth. They’re a soulful dance between us and our passions. They’re beautiful and fulfilling and these are the moments I want to focus on. When I revisit my images from this past year, connections are what fill me. They’re the images I’ll continue to share on my personal blog and all of the in-between will be memories for our family.

Allow yourself to evolve: When I began this project I had been shooting for less than two years. I couldn’t yet describe my work because it hadn’t evolved into something that was truly me. I still had so much to learn, as I do now, but I had to learn the basics first. I had to shoot in EVERY type of light. Practice with composition. There were techniques that I didn’t even know I needed to learn in order to make my work truly fulfilling. I don’t know that I would have pushed myself to the extent I did had it not been for this project. So on the days when you don’t feel like shooting, push yourself a little further. Take your time. Let yourself get wrapped up in what you’re creating and stretch your imagination. At some point you’ll forget you didn’t want to shoot.

There isn’t as much contentment in staying the same. When you shoot every day, you can’t help but crave something different. The desire is a need for growth. It lead me to freelensing, practicing with double exposure, and self portraits with my children. Many of my favorite images were created because of the desire for growth.

Staying inspired: Perfection doesn’t exist. Perfect to me may be flawed to you. Flawed to you now may be perfect later. Creating art that you’re proud of is a harder task when you’re feeling uninspired. But photographing the life that’s happening all around you is available every day. So when you aren’t able to visualize a masterpiece, or you’re failing to create that moments idea of perfection, focus your attention on the real. Make an image that’s less than perfect. It may not be art today, but years from now it will make a foggy memory clear. You’ll be glad you have it.

I wish you the best on your journey through three hundred and sixty-five days of photographs! Here are some of my very favorites from 2014…


2014 Favorites

Two years ago I jumped fully, heart first, into this journey which allows me to share what I see. I had an unclear direction, and my vision is still a bit blurred. I’ve let the tide guide me, and every time its human connections that move me. Bride and groom. Mother and daughter. Sister and brother. Connections have written the words to our stories. Strong. Gentle. Unwavering. And through photography, these stories are intertwining with mine.

Though I could choose hundreds of favorites, these moments of connection are what keep me coming back.

The most heartfelt thank you to each person who trusted me to preserve memories. May each image remind you of a piece of this story you’re living. A beautiful and fulfilling life with the ones you love.