New Life | Kazmira | Olympia birth photographer

It was a gift of a week. To see it all, and sleep within the same walls. The last few days of anticipation, and the first few of new life. So close and intertwined that I could feel these rare moments all over again, as if they belonged to me. The ones that only happen a couple of times in life, but are dreamed of over and over again.

Inviting me to witness such tender love and intimate joy was an equal gift to the support I gave and images I created. Images of the last few days before her arrival. Pictures of a peaceful and natural birth that my sister had deeply longed for. Photographs of loving arms embracing their second born. And then when the sun rose on their first morning home as a family of four. Memories that will be kept close and revisited as Kazmira grows.

The last few minutes before I said goodbye, her big brother thumbed through the pages of his baby album. He spoke confidently of the past as he looked at the pages filled with memories from his birth. It reminded me of the power these hold. We forget so quickly, but pictures never let go of the details.

I’m so grateful for this week, and this new life, and the way I was welcomed into such an intimate space. I returned home filled to the top with all the peace that new life brings.

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3 Responses to New Life | Kazmira | Olympia birth photographer

  1. Mary Ann Murray says:

    Wow Anna, Awesome Memories for this precious event in our family. So delighted you could be there and capture these blessings. Just watching them, you can feel the Love! Great Job, sweet girl!

  2. Brenda Hodges says:

    It’s such an understatement to call these beautiful as they’re so much more than that! I’m unable to express in words how my heart feels about the gift these are to Sarah and her family ~ you are a wonderful sister, Anna, and watching the way you love others gives me joy and makes me proud. I love you!

  3. lauren says:

    wow, these feel so sacred. What an honor to be invited into such a beautiful and holy part of a families life. These are really incredible photos that I think well show both the beauty, intimacy and the kind of sacredness of giving birth. Thanks for sharing

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