Nuptial | Zack + Victoria | Grass Valley Wedding Photographer

It was a summer day full of light and love. The morning began in two separate houses where Zack and Victoria readied themselves, surrounded by those who love them most. With the genuine and compassionate nature of their spirits, it was no surprise they had so many by their side. Joy was evident.

As the afternoon approached, guests gathered. With the rich green wooded backdrop and soft pastel colors, the ceremony was nothing short of stunning. Promises were made and rings exchanged.

With an abundance of love and support, they stepped confidently into the greatest lifelong commitment. And with Christ as their center, they illuminated each other and reflected love that shined warmer and brighter than the golden hour sun.

This is the story of Zack and Victoria’s wedding day…

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6 Responses to Nuptial | Zack + Victoria | Grass Valley Wedding Photographer

  1. Yanina says:

    I’m in tears right now!!! Beautiful job!!! love each detail, I felt that I was there, exc storytelling!!!

  2. Mary Ann Murray says:

    Awesome job Anna. Beautiful memories here, for years to come! You are Good my girl!

  3. Sarah Bolocan says:

    looks like a beautiful day… I love the shot of this couple in the car!

  4. Susan says:

    Anna you have outdone yourself. These are simply spectacular… the love between this couple and the people in lives shines through in every photo. The photo of the women praying before the ceremony gave me goose bumps. Well done… (Where was this wedding? The setting is lovely).

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