161. It’s the number of days I’ve picked up my camera to document our lives. When I look through the images I’ve made and watch the faces of my children change all over again, I realize how much this project has given me. But not just me. Them. When they climb into my lap and ask to have another look at the details they’ve lived, I realize the weight these tangible memories hold. They can’t be erased.

I so look forward to the next 204 days of this project. Even when I don’t feel like making images. Because each day is so full of beautiful life. My goal is to look closer and deeper and with even more of my soul. To shoot the real and let my heart decide what it wants to remember.

I’m forever grateful for this project and for the talented women who have led the way with projects of their own. They’ve inspired me. And through their dedication, they gave me the push I needed to commit to something so big.

Follow our 365 if you’d like.

And a few images from the past month that were never shared on the blog…


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3 Responses to 365

  1. Brenda says:

    Thanks from the rest of us for this project as well…what a joy to see your faces everyday even though we are miles and miles apart!

  2. Mary Ann Murray says:

    Awesome words and photo’s sweet Anna. Sure proud of you and Love you! Have a Great Day!

  3. What a beautiful life.

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