Betrothed | Ryan & Cameron

A bus ride to work is where it all began. It was their common ground. Him in the back, her in the front. Each day they would enter and exit.

And then his chance came. When he made a delivery for work to her building across the street, their bus commonality struck up a conversation and the rest became history.

That was then, but this is now. Now they’re getting married and bus rides are shared. I also shared a ride with them to document their story. We even stopped for ice cream at their favorite place. The “only” place.

And let’s not forget Lilly and Gibby. I joined them for their usual walk around the neighborhood. It was a lovely Saturday…

6 rhudy (1 of 1)7 rhudy (1 of 1)

And here’s more of their story…

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2 Responses to Betrothed | Ryan & Cameron

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  2. Mary Ann Murray says:

    Beautiful Anna!

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