Flowers On a Wedding Day | Amy Stoeckle

I had the privilege of photographing a shoot for the very talented Amy Stoeckle. Amy is an amazing florist with many years of experience in the wedding industry. She creates true art out of flowers and her knowledge is extensive. Here’s what she has to say about flowers on a wedding day…

When it comes to planning the look of a wedding, there are so many important choices and decisions to make. For instance your color palette and style.  Are you drawn to a romantic feel or are you more of a free-spirited kind of gal? What is the theme you want to portray and the overall feeling of the day?

Budget is usually on the top of a couples list of importance when planning the day. Many aspects of a wedding can easily be cut back to stay within that budget.  Flowers are usually the first to go. While the dress and ring may become a family heirloom, one thing brides often overlook is the importance of wedding flowers.

In order to set the mood and create a cohesive look for the party and the photographs, flowers provide the finishing details that pull everything together. They’re used as a visual symbol for celebrating life and that’s what a wedding is all about. Celebrating two lives becoming one.

A wedding allows a bride to showcase her style in front of her closest friends and family and flowers are the key element in doing so.

Flowers are more than simply eye candy and aroma, they actually make the vision of a wedding day a reality. I love creating art through arrangements and would be happy to make your vision come to life. I’d love to hear from you…

Flowers by Amy Stoeckle

Styled by {storehouse}rentals

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