A Day Away

It’s almost here. Seven is so close. Tomorrow he’ll no longer be six.

We’ve been spending Monday afternoons together. Just the two of us. Yesterday, I took the opportunity to photograph him as six, one last time. I also asked him some questions. These were his responses…

What’s your favorite color? “Black!”

What’s your best characteristic? “I’m funny”

What’s your favorite thing to do? “Build police stations with legos”

Who’s your best friend? “Mommy and Daddy” (the best answer)

What’s your favorite sport? “Soccer”

What do you want to be when you grow up? “I don’t know, I really don’t” (He likes to be sure about his decisions.)

What’s your favorite subject in school? “Math”

What’s one thing you really want to learn? “Gymnastics”

What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone? “Brought mom flowers in bed”

What instrument would you like to learn how to play? “Violin”

What world problem would you love to help solve? “Give food to people who are hungry and clean water to people who need it.” (that’s my boy!)

I see the person he is, in each image. And he’s becoming a better one, every single day.

He’s always been the perfect gift. True to his nature, he’s a generous soul.

I want to remember him the way he is now. Still close, but breaking away…

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One Response to A Day Away

  1. Mary Ann Murray says:

    Awesome Anna – LOVED both the questions / answers and Photo’s. Better save this page!

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