Happiness and Cheer

Six, three, and one. Our one bath house is starting to feel a little too cozy. This may be the last Christmas in our first home, but we’ll take the memories with us in the form of photos. Lifestyle photography is my new love.

This is how every morning starts for him. When the kids fight over who gets more Chia seeds, I smile…

Then they made lists for Santa. Judah’s quite the perfectionist, and most things stress him out.

She didn’t understand the problem.

We spent the rest of the morning at the christmas tree farm.

just along for the ride…

Such a big boy now. He carried the tree all the way to the car.

Then the decorating and tree skirt twirling began.

My pretty baby.

I made this ornament over 20 years ago. Little Seme’s the only person I know, who would dare to eat a vintage cone.

Getting to the bottom of it.

only 13 days…

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2 Responses to Happiness and Cheer

  1. Brenda Hodges says:

    Fantastic! These photos will be a treasure…

  2. Emily says:

    Love the Christmas card! Just saved yourself $100 in printing and postage, too!

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