Hands for the Needy Nutrition Project

There are times I wonder what it would be like to not have enough. Do I even know what that is? I’m sure I would survive on much less than what I think I need. But what would it really be like? What would it be like to wake up hungry, with three little kids, and not have a dollar in my pocket or food in my house. What if the people in my community were in the same position as me? What if there were no jobs and the homes were built amongst the city trash dump, which provided the majority of the very little food. Kids would scavenge through the dump to find a small ration for the day, buried beneath other garbage.

What if I told you this story is true for someone? Actually for many. Would you help if you could? I certainly would. And I am. There are people changing this story.

Two hundred of the children in this story, who live in Korah, Ethiopia, used to wake up not knowing if they would eat that day. Now each of them receive one meal every day. It’s still not a lot and they NEED more. Hands For The Needy, who provides them with this meal each day, wants to give them more. Their meal of injera and lentils, is cooked over an open fire in an all metal building. The smoke is a true hazard, and the open fire needs to be replaced with an electric cook stove. As it is now, they receive meat only once or twice a year. The goal is to raise enough money ($5,000) to begin serving meat on a consistent basis and change the cooking situation. It would also be used to help desperate family members, of the children in the program.

My friend Amy, who met her son the same day I met my oldest daughter, traveled back to Ethiopia to spend time with the people of Korah. She became part of their lives while she was there, and they became her friends. Now that she’s home, she has become the voice for many. When she told me about the way I could help, I was grateful that she asked me to be a part of this story. If I can change a life for the better, why wouldn’t I? I would.

Today she is asking people to give $12 on 12/12. It’s not too late. You can even give it tomorrow if you want to. Or you can give more. Whatever you give, you’re helping to change lives. Please check it out.

You can read more about Amy’s time in Korah, on her blog.

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